Our Flexwing Microlight Aircraft

Flex Wing P&M GT450

This is a great all-rounder, with traditional kingpost design. A 13sqm wing but with Quik performance, a trim range of 55-80mph this flex wing is perfect for all occasions. Used by instructors, club pilots and competition pilots alike, this aircraft is holder of various world records from speed in a triangle, to world record heights, to winning world championships.  This aircraft is also the first Quik wing to introduce tip fins, and the first with a 450kg maximum take-off weight. Tip fins ensure great stability at all speeds and weights, they are not simply a fashion accessory but designed and optimised for excellent performance and handling.

Learning to fly a flexwing

Who can learn to fly a Flexwing Microlight aircraft?

Anyone. Individuals who are reasonably fit and within the following weight and height limits:

Weight Limit  – 16.5st / 105 kilos
Height Limit – 6ft 4in / 193cm

Interested in flying a Flexwing? Call us on 07411 74 72 72 or fill in our Contact Us form and we’ll be in touch very soon.

If the Flexwing isn’t for you, then have a look at our Fixed Wing and Gyrocopter pages, to find other ways you can experience the joy of flying.

Covid 19 News

Update 16/04/21: - The flight school is now open and accepting bookings for Experience Flight voucher holders and PPL(Gyro) and NPPL(Microlight) flight training.

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