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Fixed Wing


EV97 Fixed-Wing “G-CENB & G-MOLA”

Used as our main pilot training aircraft! We know that the EV97 TeamEurostar fixed-wing microlight is a true favourite amongst our qualified and student pilots. Manufactured by Evektor-Aerotechnik of the Czech Republic, and fitted with a modern Rotax 912UL 80hp engine, this lightweight two-seat microlight has a great economical cruise speed of around 85mph, sipping just 10 litres/hour of standard forecourt petrol from a fuel tank with a capacity of up to 65 ltrs, makes this a great economical tourer.
Subject to conditions, we can offer these trusty steeds for hire to qualified pilots with a current microlight or SEP rating, who are also members of the Scottish Aero Club, at an hourly rate of £130 wet.  This gives you the convenience and availability of a high-end aircraft without the large financial outlay.

For further information regarding hiring “G-NB & G-LA” per hour or by the day, please feel free to get in touch.

Learning to fly a fixed wing

Who can learn to fly a Fixed Wing Microlight aircraft?

Anyone. Individuals who are reasonably fit and within the weight and height limits.

Weight Limit  – 15st / 95 kilos
Height Limit – 6ft 3in / 191cm

Interested in flying a Fixed Wing?  Call us on 07411 74 72 72 or fill in our Contact Us form and we’ll be in touch very soon.