Booking an experience flight doesn’t need to be a leap into the unknown as we have all the information you need to know what to expect on the day.

What is an experience flight?

An experience flight gives you the chance to take to the skies in a gyrocopter, a fixed wing or flex wing microlight aircraft. You can choose from 30, 40 and 60 minute flights, flying over stunning rural Perthshire alongside a fully qualified flight instructor. This means after a bit of instruction from them, you will get the chance to take control of the aircraft if you wish to and fly it.

Exterior of Scottish Aero club BuildingWhere do I go?

Alba Airsports Flight Training operates within the Scottish Aero Club building at Perth Airport. You can find us using postcode PH2 6PL or by searching for Perth Airport in your Sat Nav. When you turn into the Airport, turn right at the mini roundabout at the SCAA offices then turn left at the Touch Down Café. This will lead you into the car park for the Scottish Aero Club building where you will find the Alba Airsports team waiting to offer you a warm welcome.


What happens when I arrive?

When you arrive, you’ll be welcomed to the lounge by one of our team. You’ll feel a thrill as you see your name on the departures board showing your flight time and aircraft before being introduced to your instructor. If you’re flying an open cockpit aircraft, you’ll be given a one piece flight suit to wear over your clothes to keep you safe and warm during your flight. Your suit also facilitates your connection to a microphone and speaker system so that you can keep in touch with your instructor during the flight. Once you’ve been kitted out, your instructor will show you the aircraft you will be flying in and give you a short safety briefing on your chosen aircraft.

Woman Wearing Flight SuitWhat should I wear?

What to wear depends a little on the aircraft you will be flying in but in all cases you should wear something that is comfortable and not restrictive and definitely no high heels! If you’re flying a fixed wing microlight aircraft, it’s best to wear comfortable clothes with a lightweight jacket and flat shoes or trainers. If you’re flying a flex wing or gyrocopter, you’ll be given a flight suit and helmet to wear over your clothes so focus on something warmer and still comfy. You’ll also be given gloves and a balaclava if required to keep you cosy as it can get chilly way up there.

How long will my experience take?

You should arrive 15 minutes before your given flight time so that we can get you prepared for your flight. Whether you book a 30, 40 or 60 minute flight is up to you, but please allow an extra 30 mins on your flight experience time to give you time for a safety briefing and introduction to the aircraft, as well as time for photos.

Can I bring friends and family?

Yes! You can bring friends and family to watch you take your flight and cheer you on from the comfort of our lounge. We have a comfortable lounge with amazing views over the airport and Perthshire hills that is an ideal spot for waiting friends and family. Hot drinks and snacks are available for your guests to purchase while they wait.

View of rural Perthshire from the skyCan I take a camera on the flight?

Cameras can be taken on a flight, but they must be securely attached to a lanyard or strap which can be secured around your neck or wrist. Something to remember though is that it’s not always practical to use a camera, particularly when flying an open cockpit flex wing or gyrocopter wearing thick gloves. Sometimes it is best to just sit back and enjoy the experience. Your family and friends will be given the chance to take photos of you while in the aircraft on the ground either before or after your flight, something our team can also help with if you are there alone. We like to take photos to use on our social media and website posts as we love to share the smiles of those who enjoy flying with us. We will always ask you if you are happy with this before we publish any images and will not be offended if you say no.

From the moment you book until the moment you touch down and depart with a huge grin, our team will be happy to help so if your question hasn’t been answered here, get in touch with our team to have a chat.