Wings Over Scotland


From its 1927 start as the Scottish Flying Club in Renfrew to its present home at Perth Airport, it has been closely involved with much of Scotland’s aviation heritage.

Our members have included Lord Weir (Chairman of the Cierva Autogyro Company); many pilots from 602 City of Glasgow Squadron R Aux AF (including the Marquis of Clydesdale and Hamilton, who was the first man to fly over Mount Everest, and George Pinkerton, the pilot who shot down the first enemy aircraft over Britain in WW2); record breaking pilot James Mollison; Winnie Drinkwater (the Scottish Amy Johnson); Blairgowrie man J.Y.Watson whose brother Preston was rumoured to have flown in 1903 before the Wright Brothers; John Moffat (the pilot who dropped the torpedo that crippled the Bismarck in WW2); Sir Neil Cameron (the then Chief of the Defence Staff, who was President of the Club) and many other great characters of the Scottish aviation scene.

With full colour illustrations by artist Dugald Cameron and over 90 black and white illustrations, this book is a must for any flying enthusiast and for any reader with an interest in light aviation in Scotland. Published August 2002. 128 pages, A5, paperback.

ISBN 0-9538191-1-6

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