Eurostar Fixed-Wing Microlight Experience


  • Take the controls of a Eurostar microlight aeroplane and experience the thrill of flying
  • Different route options are available, including flying over your house if you live in the area!
  • Receive expert tuition from your qualified instructor
  • Can be used as qualifying time towards your flying licence

Welcome aboard this amazing trial flying lesson experience from Alba Airsports at Perth Airport in beautiful Perthshire. This experience offers the thrill of actually flying a light sports aircraft over the fabulous Scottish landscape.

Upon arrival, you’ll be welcomed by your professional pilot who will go through a safety briefing and familiarisation of the aircraft with you. Make sure to say if there is anything you want to see specifically in the area for a fly-past as part of your experience! You’ll then be ready for your flight. Once on board, your instructor will do pre-flight checks, start the plane, taxi to the runway and take off.

Up in the air, the plane will climb to around 2000 feet, then when at cruising altitude you’ll be offered the opportunity to take the controls of the aircraft. Put it through manoeuvres such as climbing and banking, all under the safe supervision of the instructor.

You’ll also get amazing panoramic views of the local area and landscape as you fly past. See landmarks such as Scone Palace, Glamis Castle and the river Tay. Throughout the experience, you’ll be able to communicate with the instructor using the aircraft radio and you’ll also hear air traffic control and other aircraft in the area.

This trip is a great experience for those looking for an introduction to gaining a flying licence or simply an amazing flight and a fantastic experience!


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Minimum Age = 14
Maximum Weight = 15 Stone (95 kg)
Maximum Height = 6' 4" (193 cm)

Covid 19 News

Update 16/04/21: - The flight school is now open and accepting bookings for Experience Flight voucher holders and PPL(Gyro) and NPPL(Microlight) flight training.

Thank you everybody for sticking around with us here at Alba Airsports.