gyrocopter_training_scotlandKevin Whitehead

Kevin realised his passion for flying in 2006 when he took a 90-minute experience flight from Perth Airport in a flexwing microlight!

“It was just superb! – My friend and I had spoken about the possibility of learning to fly while we were at work – 100 miles offshore on an oil rig! When we came home on leave we gave it a go, and never looked back! I gained my NPPL license that year and bought a share in a flexwing microlight, I flew her far and wide, and had some great times especially when visiting the West Coast of Scotland – Truly Stunning”!

Two years later Kevin had the opportunity to experience a flight in a Gyrocopter and decided to take up the training for his PPL(G). “Flying a modern factory built Gyrocopter or Autogyro as they used to be known as, was the icing on the cake for me as it filled a gap for my desire to become a helicopter pilot”. Kevin enjoyed flying gyros so much that he went on to become an instructor, and joined the “Gyrocopter Experience” group of instructors and currently operates Scotlands’ premier gyroplane training organisation.

Kevin also added the Flexwing instructor rating to his portfolio, and now together with Jim Lister formed “Alba Airsports” the approved microlight and gyrocopter training providers for the “Scottish Aero Club” operating from their premises at Perth Airport.

jimJim Lister

Jim started flying in 1989 at Cumbernauld airport, training on the fabulous CFM Shadow 3 axis Microlight, gaining his licence later that year. Since then he has flown actively as a hobby, owning and flying a variety of 3 axis aircraft, including the Goldwing canard Microlight, the thruster TST and Avid flyer. Since 2011, he has owned and flown regularly the high performance Jabiru, which will give most Group A training aircraft a run for their money in terms of speed and climb performance.

Whilst serving with Strathclyde Police, he spent 6 years attached to the Force helicopter unit, amassing some 2,000 hrs as a Police Air Observer and whilst on a Home Office Secondment to the middle East, he gained a Jordanian Pilots licence allowing him to fly a 3 seat “ultralight” around the Red Sea and the desert area of wadi Rhumm (made famous in the film “Lawrence of Arabia”).

With a view of retiring from the Police, he became a flying instructor and has over 1,500 hours instructing on C42 Ikarus, Jabiru ULD and EV97 Eurostar aircraft.

For the past year, Jim has run the fixed wing Microlight training at Perth airfield using the Scottish Aero Club’s EV97 Eurostar.